R-LINK 2 Upgrade

Fully enjoy live traffic information

to Install the R-LINK 2 upgrade you need

Please check the number. It must begin with VF1 and include 17 digits. Never includes letters "i" nor "o".

Where can I find my VIN Number ?
  • 1
    Download R-LINK 2 Upgrade
    send me the upgrade link for PC/Mac

    save zip file on your PC or Mac

    Use the software only on this specific Renault car. Do not install it on another car.

  • 2

    Unzip the downloaded archive on your PC or Mac

    download 7-zip if you don't have that application
  • 3

    copy the unzipped R-LINK folder to your empty USB stick (FAT 32 format / 8-32 GB)

  • 4

    plug this USB stick onboard using the front USB port and wait during installation.

Need help ?
Upgrade user guide r-link2 how to upgrade download the guide

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9:00 to 17:30  

Wednesday : 10 AM till 17.30 PM. Please retrieve your R-LINK 2 software version before calling us, it will help us provide you a better support. You can find the version in your R-LINK2 Settings screen.

*Standard network rates apply from mobile or landline phones.